Team License

Team License: Selling Cars Through Conversations 

Training modules so convenient you can watch them any time, any day.

Team training

Ideal for getting your dealerships sales force on track to sell more cars. Each module comes with supporting materials that sales managers use to ensure their teams are engaged in the training and are putting into practice the approaches learnt every week.

Our training program includes 16 core modules that can be used to train all new sales people. Your staff will learn new approaches as a team developing skills that will engage and connect with today’s buyer.

*Team license is for users under one rooftop.

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Team License Includes:
  • Immediate access to online video training modulesGroupe de jeunes adultes en formation commerciale
  • 49 Modules and quizzes (Quarterly deliverables)
  • 5-minute video training modules  
  • Salesperson tools to download on every module
  • Actual examples for incoming and outbound phone calls, emails, voicemails + more
  • Pre-written Manager weekly meetings 
  • Coaching and training tools
  • Manger accountability checklists
  • Users access e-learning hub with unique ID and Password
  • Module completion reports and quiz results
  • Kick off calls for Managers and Salespeople
  • Proactive customer support and monitoring of usage
  • No long-term commitment

Through viewing the training modules…

 Sales Managers will:
  • Know how to hold effective weekly training with team
  • Have immediate coaching tools to use with Salespeople, BDC Representatives and Internet Consultants
  • Learn how to present and sell a value based, buying experience for all sales opportunities that come your way
  • Know how to engage the sales team and ensure content is understood and executed
  • Have the tools to ensure accountability 
 Salespeople will:
  • Learn how to convert the non-present buyer to a dealership appointment that shows on time
  • Learn how to handle all phone calls while reducing the risk of losing business and increasing the chances of gaining more appointments 
  • Understand how to handle and overcome objections on phone and emails
  • Learn modern techniques to increase phone and email responses back from prospects
  • Understand all sales and CRM processes and how to increase efficiency and productivity with results proven approaches
car salesman showing a new car to a familyDealerships will:
  • Build a culture that focuses behavior on a customer service centered, car buying experience
  • Instant new-hire training and certification program
  • Be able to provide weekly training 
  • Develop long-lasting careers with proper education
Our online video training is designed for adult learners. Contact Us today to demo full length video training modules.