Monthly Maintenance Package

We offer accountability assistance to our training solutions.cuwriting


  1. Weekly CRM reviews summary report
  2. Weekly Call Tracking reviews summary report
  3. Highlights salesperson achievements
  4. Recommendations for improved outcomes


Use this program when your managers need an extra tool to help them understand the exact progress your team is making as well as understand how to achieve greater outcomes.


Managers today have many tasks throughout the day and often are tackling multiple responsibilities required to move vehicles off your lot.  Taking on coaching and training is sometimes unachievable.  Allow us to tackle these aspects for you and provide your management with weekly assessment reports preventing your managers time in shuffling through the CRM for every salesperson, and through all of your prospects and customers.  We will handle this and report back to you.


phoneFor our clients who require assistance with accountability to our training processes, the, “Monthly Maintenance Program,” will serve up weekly reports on each salesperson while using our trained processes as benchmarks to make the grade.  Your managers will see specific areas that each salesperson is meeting expectations and will see where the opportunities to greater outcomes exist.  Reporting includes analysis and feedback on:  response times, follow up process, content in outbound emails, correspondences with prospects, CRM usage, communication documentation, # of emails sent, # of phone calls made and much more.  When utilizing the reports, you will further increase your productivity and sales outcomes.

Our training solutions will work best in conjunction with the, “Monthly Maintenance Package.” Accountability is the other half of the battle.

Training + Accountability = Your competitive advantage.

When you spend money on training you have to hold your sales team’s feet to the fire!

Commit to training success.  Commit to helping your managers learn how to manage today’s 21st century sales teams.

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