Automotive Sales Training

We provide car dealerships auto internet sales training to increase internet auto sales. This is a modern approach to automotive sales training and focuses on increasing internet appointments that show on time. Today’s consumer has completed so much internet research and now prefers to contact the dealership through email or by phone vs. the traditional method of walking in the front door.

Auto_Sales_PhoneJennifer Suzuki is the premier automotive sales trainer in the auto industry. She will help you achieve more new and used car sales by coaching on:

  • Automotive sales training
  • Auto internet sales training
  • Inbound phone call sales training
  • BDC phone and appointment training
  • Internet marketing strategies
  • Analysis of present internet foundation and BDC operations
  • Interviewing car salesmen and appointment setters


Auto Internet Sales Training

E-Dealer Solutions primarily focus is helping USA states including Hawaii and Canada dealerships.

Our success has carried us into 10 years of business and caters to increasing sales on the internet from:

    • New car sales
    • Used car sales
    • Service appointments
    • Parts sales
    • Body shop sales


Jennifer Suzuki and the company team, work will all domestic and import automotive dealerships and their corporate leaders, managers and salespeople. In addition, automotive manufacturers and companies that assist the automotive retailer at building their businesses, i.e. Dealer 20 Group companies.

All of us a e-Dealer Solutions thank you for visiting us online, your business and for giving us the opportunity to provide your dealership automotive sales training. You can get to the next level with better phone calls, emails, voicemails, internet marketing, CRM tools, reports, and having the right sales plan! We can help you meet today’s educated buyers expectations!