Dealer’s Edge Webinar With Jennifer Suzuki

21st Century Process for Closing More Sales – For Sales & Internet Managers!

You will learn:

  • The proper staffing levels for your dealership sales departments
  • Phone call structuring tips for all sales people
  • How sales people can create ‘added value’
  • A process for managers to wring more value from the add-on features of call tracking and CRM systems
  • Plus 10 more Key Tips for dealership Sales and Internet managers

After you master the creation of more ‘ups’ – now guide your team to improved closing ratios!

Recently Jennifer Suzuki presented a smash hit Webinar on how to move prospects from email, to the phone and ultimately to a face-to-face appointment in the showroom. You learned how to create more qualified ‘ups’!

Now learn Jennifer’s 21st century process for improving your ability to convert that ‘up’ into a profit-producing sale. As Sales and Internet managers, you spend a lot of time and money creating those closing opportunities for your sales staff. Now learn Jennifer’s process to help transition your sales people to new levels of performance.

Original Air Date: October 25, 2012

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